Intan Darling is on Team Diamond of the Altian Army, his team mate being Quoster Rao. He's in the seventh grade of an overcrowded private school. He's taller than most, with somewhat long, light orange hair, hazel eyes and tanned skin.

Family Edit

After an embarrassing incident at a parent-teacher night Intan doesn't like to talk about, his parents got drunk and caused a scene. One of the teachers called the cops, who learnt from Allison, Intans' big sister, that the Darling parents been alcoholics and drug addicts for years. After that, they were sent to rehab and Intan hasn't seen either of his parents since. Because Allison and Intans' parents were renting their house, they had nowhere to live. Luckily for them, one of Allisons' friends' mother let Allison and Intan live with them.

After thoroughly thinking through his opinion about his parents, Intan has decided he doesn't hate his parents. He just feels indifferent towards them. And he honestly believes that his indifference is worse than hate, which makes him feel a little worried.

School Edit

Intan attends a private school that teaches from grade one to twelve. He usually complains about how nobody pays any attention to each other. He even believes he could walk down the hallway wearing a tutu and holding a knife and no-one would notice since it's so crowded.
After his parents got drunk and caused a scene at a parent-teacher